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Aldo Spadoni interview – Larry Niven console video game in development!

May 3, 2008

Aldo Spadoni Discusses LARRY NIVEN’S FREE FALL
at the monthly Larry Niven chat. Lead interviewer was David Sooby.

Aldo Spadoni – Stars in His Eyes (photoart credit – Aldo Spadoni)

An interview with Aldo Spadoni, futurist aerospace engineer, astronomical painter, and – Niven video game codesigner!

Question: For the really uninitiated, what IS the Free Fall project?
A [Aldo Spadoni]: Free Fall is planned to be Larry [Niven]’s first major
entry into the modern world of videogames

Q: Just what are you doing for the Free Fall project?
A: I’m essentially the chief engineer. I’m designing the spacecraft and
much of the technology. Even dolphin spacesuits!

Q: When Larry mentioned it, he wasn’t sure this project would be carried thru to completion. Do you think it will be?
A: The key to selling this project is Alchemic Productions, operated by
Brian Gomez and Rick Ernst. They are working hard to sell the project
using their considerable experience and connections.

Q: So, Alchemic is the designer and they’re looking for a publisher?
A: Larry, myself, Brian, Rick are designing the game together, but Rick
& Brian have the real game industry expertise. (more…)


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