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LaserMotive Power Beaming team in prize running!

November 5, 2009

I as curator of SpinSpace, the Spindrift Space Gallery in Second Life, am one of LaserMotive’s 22 sponsors in their efforts to win the Laser PowerBeaming Challenge.  Here’s my Facebook entries:

LaserMotive's 22 sponsors - PowerBeaming Challenge

LaserMotive's 22 sponsors - PowerBeaming Challenge

Wed Nov 4th, 3:06 EDT – Two years ago, I became a sponsor of the Lasermotive team in the Power-Beaming Challenge [see Lasermotive’s sponsors And now the contest is on!

3:11pm – You can watch the live Laser PowerBeaming Challenge coverage here. 3 teams competing, Space Pirates of Kansas were 1st up.

5:22pm – U$2 million is the PowerBeaming prize! LaserMotive is next up at 5:35 EST for their 45-minute window.
5:57pm – LaserMotive climber fails to move on 3 lase tries; 30 minutes left in their slot, and the team is diagnosing it…
6:47pm – From the SpaceElevator blog:
14:57 PST: LaserMotive Climber aloft again Live at
15:00 PST: LaserMotive Climber is climbing!
15:10 PST: First climb was 4 minutes, 2 seconds – officially. They qualified for the $900K prize.
15:11 PST: Now trying a second climb
15:12 PST: Second climb completed – unofficially also 4:00 or so. These guys HAVE to be happy…..
YAY! 2 more days to improve.

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