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An introduction to Paradoxically

January 3, 2008

I recently let some friends know about this blog, after I populated it with some posts and pages first.  But then I realized they need some background.

I’ve been involved in the 3D virtual world since Nov 2006 and my main avatar is Paradox Olbers.   So this blog is for both Paradox about SL [Second Life] and Spike MacPhee about sf and RL [Real Life].  The emphasis in this blog is on aspects of Second Life, space construction as shown and written about in sf and non-fiction, and my reading.   Welcome to my blog!

A second blog is about Second Life, the SciLands, and my island Spindrift, Spindrift Island in Second Life.

Oh, and I have almost half of my sf/fantasy/astronomical art collection uploaded to the Illustration Exchange. Have a look at the other collections at IlluX [Illustration Exchange] – there are 79 collections there, an amazing stockpile of great art by hundreds of artists (not sortable by artist, but you can google the site to pick an artist and sift through thousands of paintings and drawings there.


It’s about space construction in RL and SL

February 12, 2007

Paradoxically was paradoxically created as an extra to my wordpress acct, not as an intended blog.  But now that I have one…

It turns out that it’s about space construction in RL and SL, both news and cultural representations [yes, science fiction] past and present. Other aspects of both rl and sl are here too, like the PriceWatch and baseball.

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