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the Luna stories by Dr. Ernest Taves (some assembly required)

January 2, 2008

These classic six stories of near-future Lunar exploration and survival have never been republished since their original Galaxy SF Magazine appearances in the early 1970s, so you will have to buy the magazines at or elsewhere for U$3-4 each, to read these stories.  Hence, “some assembly required.”  🙂

 Galaxy 1971 Mar – Pegasus Two, 14 pages

Galaxy 1972 Sept – True School of Modesty, 14 pages [Pegasus 4 & 6]

Galaxy 1972 Nov – Mayflower One, 22 pages

Galaxy 1973 Jan – Mayflower Three, 25 pages

Galaxy 1973 July – Luna One, 43 Pages

 Galaxy 1973 Nov – Mayflower 2, 18 pages



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