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Fifth “Fleet of Worlds” novel, ‘Fate of Worlds’ finished – almost!

June 27, 2011


Larry Niven and Edward M. Lerner confirmed in a group chat on June 4th that they had handed in the manuscript of their fifth “Fleet of Worlds” novel, ‘Fate of Worlds.’  This newest Known Space novel is expected to be published “in summer 2012,” according to Edward.

(Update, Saturday July 2nd.  Larry clarifies: ‘ the Fate of Worlds is a draft, perhaps not final draft.  We’re awaiting proofs.’  He also mentioned that he and Greg Benford were ‘amplifying the manuscript’ of their collaborative novel, “Bowl of Worlds.”)

There are no current plans to write more Known Space novels.  (But that’s what Larry said after each Ringworld novel, so the rest of us weren’t too dismayed to hear that.  Smile.)


Ringworld’s 40th Anniversary celebrated at Tor Books

October 15, 2010

My coauthored blogpost on Larry Niven’s Ringworld just went online at Tor Books site! My second paid writing ever …

Ringworld Gallery adds 3D General Products spaceship hulls!

June 7, 2008

Besides the space, astronomical, and engineering art on display at the Spindrift Space Gallery, there is also a Ringworld Gallery, housed in the center of the 3D Ringworld model sculpted by Second Life resident Jimbo Perhaps.  He recently added full-sized General Products spaceship hulls.

Here are the Second Life coords, called a slurl,

You can view the flickr picture group of Ringworld Gallery at

1.5 x 10-to-the-twelfth, Ringworld Engineers by Larry Niven

May 7, 2008

This installment of personally memorable sf words, phrases, or scenes deals with another number, a horrifyingly large number, “One-point-five-times-ten-to-the-twelfth!”, or one and a half trillion, from Ringworld Engineers.

Cover by Dale GustafsonLarry Niven - Ringworld Engineers cover

Rather than deal in spoilers and spoiler warnings, I’ll just say that units of measure can sometimes be terrifying in themselves, and suggest you read the novel.  But it *is* the title of the last chapter … At what point does the meme “the greater good for the greater number” fail to comfort you? Here’s one answer. And now, some Known Space advice and background … 

Niven’s Ringworld in 1970 and Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama in 1972 popularized an sf subgenre about exploring what were disparagingly labelled BDOs, Big Dumb Objects [a borrowing from rocketry’s Big Dumb Booster designer’s acronym] by some critics with no sense of wonder about meeting alien technologies far in advance of our own.

One of the reasons Larry wrote Ringworld Engineers was to show that it was a Big Smart Object after all, and another was to address the instability issues if the Ring weren’t controlled.  There was a 3rd reason.  We asked Larry “did you write a sequel because of one of our suggestions?”  He smiled at the half-dozen of us and said, “no, I did it because I thought of something you didn’t!”

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