Second Life tips – Nov 2008

Last updated Nov 3rd, more to come! is a good set of tips from Gywneth Llewelyn, longtime SL resident.  From 2004, but still timely.

Before going inworld, have someone show you an intro or give you hands-on training, at least enough to type in a quiet location to appear in.

You can fly!  Tap the F key.  Do it again to fall out of the sky.  Notice the sparks on your knees if the surface was hard enough..  Tap E to elevate in small swoops or hold down the key until you hit the 200 meter newbie flight ceiling.  Get a free flight band, assist, or boost to exceed 200 meters altitude.  Use the C key to lower yourself to the ground.

Is it hard to see? Too dark? Control-Shift-Y and presto! Noontime sun.

Someone just gave u something? Where is it? Control-I[nventory], select >Recent tab and there it is!

Use Alt-[left mouseclick] to zoom your camera in or out.

There is no law in Second Life.  Caveat emptor!


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