Recommended SF in Kindle-only and both ebook/pbs

Only available as Kindle eBooks:

First, Alexis A. Gilliland’s marvelously intricate and slim Rosinante Trilogy – only 580 pages total!


The Revolution From Rosinante [The Rosinante Trilogy #1]

Long Shot for Rosinante [The Rosinante Trilogy #2]

The Pirates Of Rosinante [The Rosinante Trilogy #3]
[be aware that the Kindle store description of Pirates is for a fantasy trilogy by Barringer instead]

My Amazon Kindle tags:  alexis a gilliland, cyberpunk, rosinante, space opera, space colony, humor, politics, hard science, hitech, ai, science fiction, sf, engineering, economics, bureaucracy, and I have to add military and asteroid belt, but won’t add fog of war and Murphy’s Law

David Langford’s The Space Eater, a great short story that didn’t get blurred when turning into a novel, because Langford simply continued the story from the original ending.

Available as Kindle & book

Larry Niven and Fred Lerner – Fleet of Worlds and Fleet of Worlds Kindle ed

This is a draft and changing as I add reviews and sift Kindle’s catalog and add comments.  I have a double motivation: I want to encourage the rediscovery of older, more obscure good sf novels, and possibly earn a referral fee as well.  For every title or item you recommend at, Amazon Associates will give you 4% of the price [10% if it’s a Kindle ebook] for each person who buys it when clicking through from your website. So if you eventually decide to try anything I’ve recommended, please return here first before making your Amazon purchase.

Authors in ebook and book editions:

I will have to tell u about Charles Stross, William Gibson, Neil Stephenson, C.J. Cherryh (27 titles!), James Gunn, and few others except for a pair of Silverbergs, a trio of James White’s Sector General tales, four H. Beam Pipers [some also free at Project Gutenberg], a half-dozen Philip K. Dicks, 3 Poul Andersons, 2 Vernor Vinges, a pair of Charles Sheffields, 3 Ken McLeods, four John Barnes (including the 3 Meme Wars books), two trilogies by Stephen Baxter (but not the other 5 XeeLee books), a lone Michael Flynn (LEO Station 5, but not the original tetralogy), and a couple of Kurt Vonneguts.  So it goes …

A pitiful showing for the ebook concept after a decade.  Hopefully future versions of the Amazon Kindle, Sony, and a plethora of Linux readers, all using eInk upgrades this year and forthcoming in 2008, will pull increasing supplies of classic sf into ebook formats.


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