ParaSpeak – a glossary to Second Life, updated June 2011


A list of words, phrases, and cryp abbrvs from SL.  Most of these terms are common usage in SL and/or the text-messaging community.  Any with a PS at the end of the entry are ParaSpeak, Paradox’s coinage.  Last updated June 2011; newest term is ‘gridmoth.’

Avvie, av – that’s a-v-v-i-e, not a-w-i-e.  Avatar, your SL character.

catch-33 [the 3D vr version of catch-22]

cryp abbrv – cryptic abbreviation

ecozar – from economic czar, Treasury Secretary Paulson, PS

eddress – email address, PS

Fifteen-Day Frenzy – At the start of Nov 2006, LL announced island purchase prices would increase from U$975 to U$1675, and monthly rent/fee for each new island would increase from U$195 to U$295 – and said that this would be effective in 68 hours!  The massive firestorm of protest from the resis at this unprofessionally abrupt change resulted in a 15 day deadline, and a frenzied scramble by buyers to acquire the funds to make their purchases.  PS

floaters – those little visual display boxes or windowa that appear in your SL interface when you call up a display, control-H(istory) for Chat History, or control-shift-M(inimap) for your short-range map and avatar radar, for example.

GOMmed – In 2005, Gaming Open Marketplace offered a way to convert Linden$ to U$ currency at market price, not an imposed value; LLab crowded them out by starting their own exchange, the LindeX.  As Gwyneth Llewelyn explained, ‘the word “gommed”, meaning “don’t cross LL’s policies, or they’ll absorb you” has since then been applied to several similar efforts.’

Gridmoth – a wry and sad term to explain the disappearence of islands/regions/sims from a physically linked area. This lifeform senses the lack of payments to LL, and devours the territory.

Gridstorm – heavy SL-wide Slagging with strange effects, such as my chat textlines out of order!
[10:43]  You: that’s a gridstorm, not just slow but out of order
[10:45]  You: worst is getting lagged ones, they go to the right earlier timestamp, NOT the current latest lines – i found some reading a transcript days later that i never saw at the time[because of not having a long chatlog history screen at the time]

IlluX – the Illustration Exchange is a website with 80 collections of fantastical illustrations.  One of my incubator projects is transitioning them into SL.  The creator of IlluX, Pat Wilshire, liked this coinage so much that he named the 1st Illustration Exchange art convention IlluXCon 2008.  🙂 PS

IMs, imstorms – IMs are the personal and private Instant Messages you can send to another avatar.  If you aren’t online, IMs to you are stored and displayed when you next log in.  A popular av may find hierself to be swamped by up to 2 dozen saved ims.  *Then* your friends see you are online and all send ims at-once.  Presto!  IMstorm!  [I heard Elliott Eldrich first use this term.]

Interglish – Internet version of English.  As in “I no longer speak spanish nor english i speak internet :)” – Jazz9Ometeotl Loon PS

Inworld – Logged into SL, interacting with SL.

island, isle – a region, or sim, not physically connected to the mainland or any other sims.

IWBAAES – As in “I will be an abbreviation expert soon.” Carson Snook

Lin, Linden – the employees of LL, Linden Lab.  Each person uses an inworld name ending in Linden.  Collectively referred to as the Lin, or the gods.  There is a rumor that their favorite afterwork hangout is the LinDen.  🙂  PS

Lindens, Linden$, L$, ells – the units of currency in SL.  Typical exchange rate at the LindeX currency market is 270 Linden$ to one dollar U$.  People tend not to know that buying Lindens is a fixed U$0.30 per transaction, but cashing out your Linden$ to RL carries a 3 1/2% fee.

LL, LLab – Linden Lab, home of Second Life, programmed and implemented by the Lin.  Often misspelled as Linden Labs.

LM, lm – LandMark, the information about a location’s coordinates, used to teleport to it.  Once someone gives you an LM or you pick>World>Create Lardmark here to save your current location, it’s in your Inventory and Map.  Click on it twice to travel there.

Mainland – the largest continent of connected regions.

nasans – People from different geographical locations and parts of NASA, the US government space agency.  Usually to be found on NASA CoLab or Explorer islands.  PS

np – no problem.  Often used if a newbie with manners apologizes, or you were greatly thanked for doing something you felt was only a small imposition on you.

perm, perms – as in “Do you have perms to do that?”  Originally referred to having the right group and subrole within the group’s options to have permission to do editing of an object owned by the group.  Became a generic way to ask if you had permission or approval to do any job.

prims, primmy – Prims are your building blocks.  Each sim or island will run up to 15K prims max.  So a wondrously detailed object that uses 2500 prims, 1/6th of a sim’s prim budget, is said to be primmy in a neutral sense.  For smaller landholders, a 20-prim couch could be primmy, in a negative sense.

puter – computer, comp

region – a square mainland area or island 256 meters by 256 meters, also called a sim.

residents – LL refers to avatars, characters, members, users, accounts or players as residents of SL, often shortened by avs to resis.

sim – a simulated region, a mainland area or island 256 meters by 256 meters

skeeper –  a groundskeeper for an island or plot of land, with privileges to delete or return objects, and eject or ban any disruptive av.  A very responsible position.  PS

SL – Second Life, as opposed to RL, Real Life

SLag, SLagged – when the lag in SL’s network processing gets severe, you are really SLagged, or got SLagged off or out of SL.  PS

SLeed – SL speed in arranging something with a group of avs geographically spread and working across organizations.  PS

SLozone – as in “your IM got lost in the SLozone” [it disappeared].  PS1

spammer spanners – we need special wrenches to hit grfrs upside the acct [these dont exist – yet].  PS

StiB – Stipend Base, the weekly payout LL gives to paid account avatars.  Once L$500/week before the two cuts in 2006, the StiB is now L$300/week.  PS

tex – graphics texture, an image applied to the skin of your 3D object or one facet of it.  As in, “that’s a nice tex on your sidewalk!” 

tier – In Sl, you don’t “buy land,” you buy the right to rent the land on a month-by-month basis.  The higher your total square meters of land, the higher the monthly rent, or tier.  Also, as in bringing tiers to the eyes of low-traffic landlords, trying to pay the Linden Lab rent charge.

tp – as in “hey, please, give me a tp” or “use the tp discs.”  Tp is the abbreviation of teleportation, going from one SL location to another directly, not by journeying.  You can step on a tp disc to be sent somewhere, or ask a friend for hier’s location so u can join hier, and they can select u from their friends list, then choose to send u a tp location that u can use to go there.

ty – thank you.  A lot of texting abbreviations are used in SL chat, of course.

yw, yvw – you’re welcome, you’re very welcome


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  1. Mark Baard Says:

    Thank the gods for this glossary. Now I know what a prim is. Great resource, added you to my roll

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