Coming Next! March 2013

Longterm – posts on building space stations in orbit and in sf stories, multigeneration starships, .sigfiles, favorites lists of novels, movies, and tv sf, 3 more “memorable” scenes, sf that needs to be reprinted, great disaster novels, futories [future histories].

Coming next – Now for a Chelyabinsk detour through asteroid impact literature, fiction, and non-fiction, starting with seven technical and popular-science non-fiction books.  Six posted  … one more by asteroid mining chief Dr Lewis of Deep Space Industries to go.

then “Darth Mader and the Darkroom Side of the Force,” the Rosinante O’Neill space colony trilogy by Gilliland, more memorables, a Charles Stross visit & interview on ExtropiaPrime in SL, a Larry Niven and Michael Whelan poster SL signing.


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