sf Kindle and other ebook editions news – 2008

March 16Tor/Forge Books are giving away free eBooks, details in their newsletter!  Sign up at their new website.

Looking at the latest month’s additions to the Amazon Kindle eBooks store, I see that Old Man’s War by John Scalzi (Kindle Edition) has just been added, but at a puzzling U$9.99.  Why puzzling?  You don’t offer the first of a trilogy in ebook for $3 more than the paperback edition, three years later, and seriously expect new readers to try Scalzi’s work.  The same price is asked for Rolling Thunder by John Varley (Kindle Edition), but this is a simultaneous release with the hardcover, but you are still saving money compared to the treeware edition.  Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick (Kindle Edition) is U$8, while the trade paperback is U$13.95; this is the source for the classic sf move Bladerunner.  Happily, there are now 20 PKD novels available as U$8 ebooks, giving him far more visibility and reader access then he ever enjoyed during his lifetime.  And thanks to Vintage Books for their commitment to their still-in-print 1990s trade paperback reprints of PKD novels, that these ebooks are reproduced from.

Feb 10 – According to the NYTimes Sunday Book Review’s Inside the List column, Stephen King’s new novel Duma Key is leading the Kindle ebook list. King is described as an “early adapter” of ebook publishing.

Jan 19, 2008 [from Locus Online] – Eos eBook giveaway.


10yearlogo_2 Eos is 10 years old!  To kick-off our yearlong anniversary party, we’re giving away free e-books!  Every two months for 2008, we’ll give away a new free e-book at www.harpercollinsebooks.com/eos10.We’re thrilled to announce the inaugural title:    SHAMAN’S CROSSING, Robin Hobb      

Jan 3, 2008 – Jack McDevitt has added two more of his backlist novels to the Kindle catalog: Infinity Beach and Eternity Road, bringing his available total to 9 novels.  McDevitt is a good storyteller, and I’ve enjoyed what he’s written.  I’ve only read the first of his “Engines of God” series, and was dissatisfied at the lack of a solution, but with 3 more written, I may change my mind.  🙂


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