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A Tourist MarsGram

August 3, 2011

Red Dragon passenger lander arriving on Mars-click for a larger version

A friend sent me a news clipping from his local Florida newspaper about a private-sector proposal for a one-way Marsbase scenario, and joked that he’d expect me to be one of them, sending a MarsGram back.  Then I saw a still from a SpaceX video in a Red Dragon Mars lander story.
So I sent him a MarsGram postcard.  🙂


It’s about space construction in RL and SL

February 12, 2007

Paradoxically was paradoxically created as an extra to my wordpress acct, not as an intended blog.  But now that I have one…

It turns out that it’s about space construction in RL and SL, both news and cultural representations [yes, science fiction] past and present. Other aspects of both rl and sl are here too, like the PriceWatch and baseball.

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