When Worlds Collide – An Office Portrait

Paradox Olbers at work in Spike’s office

Portrait by Metropoly; click on the photograph to see the larger version at her Flickr site.

Mild-mannered virtual worlds avatar Paradox Olbers in the office of Spike MacPhee, his wild-mannered not-so-secret identity, working on a blog post about Lynette Cook‘s painting of worlds colliding (on the screen).

You can also see my paperback copy of Balmer & Wylie’s classic 1933 doomsday sf novel “When Worlds Collide,” later made into George Pal’s movie of the same title. This sets up my joke about my virtual and real worlds meeting, while her painting and the book also meet. And now while I’m editing this post, I’m running by pure coincidence “When Worlds Collide,” the name of one of many NPC (Non Player Character, for those non-D&D gamers) scenarios in EVE Online galaxy, too.

Here’s the Amazon Books page link, while I relearn how to make it display correctly on WordPress. The book cover displays correctly in IExplorer, but in Mozilla Firefox you don’t see the cover and Amazon link box until you click on the Amazon text line. Click again on that to go to the book. Ignore the expensive trade paperback (though I’m grateful that it’s back in print) and try one of the many used paperback copies, if your library doesn’t stock it. Ouch – checking the used copies page reveals there are actually very few copies available, starting at U$7.

Update: My crack about ignoring the expensive trade paperback  is unfair and wrong; this 1999 edition description clearly states at the end that it includes the sequel “After Worlds Collide” as well!  (Balmer and Wylie disagreed on the third book of the trilogy and it was never written.)

When Worlds Collide amazon link

Another friend of mine, Charles P. White, better known in Second Life as Jet Burns, recently introduced me to the acronym TEOTWAWKI, The End Of The World As We Know It, hence my first use of it as a recurring tag in this blog. Thanks, CW!

Metropoly is a friend of mine and an accomplished photographer; when I had an opportunity to commission a self-portrait from her, I took it!  It took her five minutes to take this – after an hour setting up her huge diffuse-lighting shell, setting other lights, and doing repeated adjustments and light-meter checks. 🙂 Thanks again, Metropoly!


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2 Responses to “When Worlds Collide – An Office Portrait”

  1. Troy Says:

    You have the same shirt in RL and SL!

    • Paradox Olbers Says:

      Indeed I do, Troy! Or approximately – the SL one is one of a pair I bought from artist Robin Woods’ SL shop, but in rl, I own more than a dozen tie-dyes. 🙂

      That’s a side-effect of never buying a do-it-yourself t-shirt tie-dye kit in the 1970s like I’d meant to, and then in the late 1990s, working at Pandemonium Books and Games sf store at The Garage in Harvard Square next to a hippy-goods store selling tie-dye shirts. They had a 20% discount for building employees …

      And here’s a photo of some more of them:
      Para's TyeDye Shirts

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