Ringworld Gallery adds 3D General Products spaceship hulls!

Besides the space, astronomical, and engineering art on display at the Spindrift Space Gallery, there is also a Ringworld Gallery, housed in the center of the 3D Ringworld model sculpted by Second Life resident Jimbo Perhaps.  He recently added full-sized General Products spaceship hulls.

Here are the Second Life coords, called a slurl, http://slurl.com/secondlife/Spindrift/90/70/351

You can view the flickr picture group of Ringworld Gallery at http://www.flickr.com/photos/22159806@N07/sets/72157605483280026/


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One Response to “Ringworld Gallery adds 3D General Products spaceship hulls!”

  1. Catalina Newbold Says:

    Is it possible to have a Rama spacecraft in SL? It would certainly be totally awesome! Rivers flowing upside down above my head and trees growing upside! Birds flying upside down way above my head! Building and structures on all sides! I could follow the river by my feet with my eyes all the way up above my head! Awesome physics at play!
    It would be a spectacular sight for any second lifer. I would certainly go there many times over! I think it would be a very popular tourist attraction for there are many Arthur C. Clarke fans out there. If done properly it would be awesome! This would be a good time to do such a project since Mr. clarke died in Shri Lanka this year. It could be done in his honor.
    Anyway i would support and help any Rama project like this antime!
    It would be a science fiction lovers dream come true!

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