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Want to rent a rocket? Sponsor an exhibit at ISM [International Spaceflight Museum]

June 21, 2008

The Russian spacefleet workhorse is the Proton booster; it’s the center white rocket with a wide lower section in this picture of ISM’s famed Rocket Ring on Spaceport Alpha.  Standing 58 meters tall, it dwarfs my Second Life avatar, the dark dot just below the Proton’s identification plaque.

Here’s a closer look at the relative size of your sponsorship plaque …

Here’s a closeup view of the International Spaceflight Museum’s exhibit nameplaque with builder Jimbo Perhaps‘ credit, and my sponsoring astronomical & space art Spindrift Space Gallery on Spindrift island in the SciLands science/engineering continent.   The plaque gives an informative notecard when you click on it, including the names of the previous six-month sponsors.  (more…)


Ringworld Gallery adds 3D General Products spaceship hulls!

June 7, 2008

Besides the space, astronomical, and engineering art on display at the Spindrift Space Gallery, there is also a Ringworld Gallery, housed in the center of the 3D Ringworld model sculpted by Second Life resident Jimbo Perhaps.  He recently added full-sized General Products spaceship hulls.

Here are the Second Life coords, called a slurl,

You can view the flickr picture group of Ringworld Gallery at

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