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Karl Schroeder’s Sun of Suns free from until May 8th!

April 26, 2008

Update – Free download extended from May1st til May 8th!
Tor has been giving away free eBooks to promote their new website.  The current selection is a great hard-sf navy tale of pirates and sunstealers, the first of the Virga tetralogy.  Tor said:

Virga #1 cover by

Virga #1 cover by Stephan Martiniere

Our current free book is Sun of Suns by Karl Schroeder.”  And Karl added, on his website:

“The first Virga book is a free download from

Today Tor Books and I are releasing a free (and DRM-free) ebook version of my novel Sun of Suns.  The only “cost” is that you have to register as a member at Tor’s soon-to-be-launched cool new science fiction portal, located (not coincidentally) at”   


“Destroyer of Worlds” – 3rd Niven/Lerner book signed!

April 7, 2008

Niven/Lerner - Fleet of Worlds

SPNN (book news/interview)

An interview with Ed Lerner, by Paradox Olbers as SolBelter and David Sooby as Lensman.

*Ed Lerner, co-author of Fleet of Worlds and Juggler of Worlds with Larry Niven, announced during a Saturday chat session that he and Larry had a contract, a title [Destroyer of Worlds], and – Pak!  He gave no further details since they haven’t started to write the book yet.  🙂

*Juggler of Worlds, the second half of the Puppeteer duology, has been rescheduled from August to September ’08 hardcover release in the US by Tor.

When interviewed, Ed had this guesstimate of when DoW might be released. 
<SolBelter> ok EML, “perhaps early 2010, EML ventured”  [after declining to be quoted on a previous phrasing of DoW’s completion]
<EML> SB: okay, that’s suitably tentative 🙂
<SolBelter> is it fairer to say, EML, that DoW is set against the same backdrop events of 1st 2, or to say third in the series?
<EML> DOW will take place after FOW and JOW. That said, it’ll be standalone.
<SolBelter> [i’m an SPNN reporter for Spindrift, in the SciLands, Second Life]
<Lensman> Ed:  So do I understand you have the title and a contract, but you haven’t yet worked out even the basic plot of DOW yet? [Ed later said yes to David Sooby’s question.] Ed corrected us in a followup comment to this post: I appear to have left a slight misimpression. Larry & I haven’t yet done much writing of Destroyer of Worlds, but we *have* worked out the plot and background.
<EML> “Day of the RFIDs” was first published in the antho Future Washington and is in my collection Creative Destruction. You can get the standalone on
<EML> “Night of the RFIDs” is just out, in the May Analog [also at fictionwise].
<SolBelter> excellent EML! thank you.

 Michael Gilbert - Fleet of Worlds

Michael Gilbert – Fleet of Worlds rough [from Paradox Olbers collection] 

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